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Welcome to ISET-International

Our offices are located in Vietnam, India, USA

The Institute for Social and Environmental Transition-International (ISET-International) collaborates with local partners to build resilience and catalyze adaptation to social and environmental change. We particularly focus on strategies that address the fundamental challenges change poses for marginalized populations and those who lack the resources to adapt. Our work brings together theoretical and scientific insights with social engagement, local knowledge, and shared learning to identify practical strategies at the local level and to foster the growth of applied knowledge. We work closely with sister organizations and other partners in South and Southeast Asia, the USA, and other regions.

ISET Network: Our Sister Organizations

ISET-International fosters equal collaboration between individuals and organizations in the North and the South. This collaboration is particularly close with our sister organizations, ISET-Nepal and ISET-Pakistan, who are independently registered non-profit organizations. They are recognized thought leaders in their own national contexts and play substantive roles in implementation, research and policy. As part of the ISET network they link in-country issues and solutions to regional and global initiatives for responding to climate, urbanization and other social challenges. Read more

  • ISET-International has long-term partnerships with established and emergent in-country organizations. These organizations bring local legitimacy, substantial implementation capacity, and strong intellectual engagement to the ISET network.

Network Capacities

The ISET network draws on the full capacities of our staff, associates, sister organizations and partners in developing and implementing programs. The diversity of organizations and individuals involved enables us to bring a unique combination of capacities to bear on any activity. We have particular expertise in bridging the natural/social-science divide and bringing global knowledge together with local knowledge toward the solution of major challenges. In addition, we combine research with the ability to work with communities, enabling us to both implement practical solutions to local problems while at the same time generating new knowledge and contributing to global debates.

Climate Resilience Framework

The Climate Resilience Framework (CRF) is an analytical, systems-based approach to building resilience to climate change. The goal of this structured framework is to build networked resilience that is capable of addressing emerging, indirect and slow-onset climate impacts and hazards. ISET-International is using this framework with cities across Asia to build local capacity for climate change resilience.


Project & Program Highlights