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Adaptation vs. Development: Basic Services for Building Resilience

Author: Fawad Khan

In a transect along Indus River after the 2010 floods in Pakistan, this article explores the relationship between the use and duration of use of basic services, among those who recovered well and those who did not, using non-parametric statistical testing in a quasi-experimental design. The research shows a clear and strong correlation between access and duration of usage of certain services before the disaster, and the rate of recovery in each location. This analysis demonstrates a relatively robust and cost-effective methodology to identify and prioritise development interventions that build resilience against climatic shocks that are not undertaken at the cost of poverty reduction.

Citation: Khan, F. (2014). Adaptation vs. development: basic services for building resilience. Development in Practice, 24(4), 559-578.

DOI: 10.1080/09614524.2014.908823