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Vietnam National Engagement and Extension of Resilience Practice

Program Locations: Vietnam
Project Duration: April 2013–March 2016
Project Lead: Ngo Le Mai, Country Coordinator, Vietnam


Urban planning policy makers and professionals.

Project Overview

The goal of the project is for urban climate resilience practices built on local experience and scientific knowledge to be recognized in national policies and widely implemented through improved professional practice in Vietnamese cities. The project reaches local and national policy makers, urban professionals, and other practitioners, and uses tools, cases, examples, and guidelines to apply principles and practices of climate resilience in their work. 

Direct results of this project will include:

  • New partnerships that support learning and sharing of urban climate resilience lessons from ACCCRN and other programs for climate adaptation at multiple scales.
  • New knowledge based on ACCCRN experience, generated as evidence for policy and capacity development at multiple levels and in several sectors.
  • Knowledge of urban climate resilience is widely shared and capacity for improved practice is built among Vietnamese urban professionals, academics. and civil society.
  • Urban climate resilience tools, methods, and interventions in ACCCRN cities and elsewhere are assessed and compared.
  • Lessons are communicated for dissemination and replication.

Core Program Activities

  • Policy support
  • Case studies
  • Training
  • Promotion
  • Community of practice
  • Transfer of lessons
  • Project management
  • Research, analysis, and report preparation
  • Workshop organization
  • Training and capacity building
  • Liaison with partner organizations, collaborative planning, and coordination of activities
  • Preparation of policy briefs, guidelines, brochures, workshop presentations, media information, and peer-reviewed publications
  • Technical oversight of research studies, curriculum development, and cases prepared by partner organizations

Professional Staff Involved

Stephen Tyler, Senior Associate

Phong Tran, Technical Lead

Nguyen Anh Tho, Program Officer

Nguyen Ngoc Huy, Technical Staff

Maria Fernanda Enriquez, Grants Manager

This project was funded by and in partnership with:


The Rockefeller Foundation


Center for Climate Change and Technology (CLITECH)

MoNRE; Disaster Management Center (DMC)- MARD

Urban Development Agency (UDA) – MOC

Vietnam Urban Planning and Development Association; Vietnam Urban Forum (VUF)

Vietnam Association of Cities (ACVN)

Climate Change Coordination Office of Can Tho City

Climate Change Coordination Office of Da Nang City

Climate Change Coordination Office of Binh Dinh Province