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Resilience Narratives: Focused Communication to Catalyze Change

Program Locations: Global focus with specific activities in: India, Nepal, Thailand, Vietnam and U.S.A.
Project Duration: August 2013–July 2015
Project Lead: Marcus Moench, Founder


Increase communication on basic characteristics of resilience: what it is and what it is not.

Project Overview

The ISET-International team develops and delivers a range of compelling narratives on how to build the resilience of communities affected by climate change in order to ultimately build policy and public support for further action.

A variety of media forms including videos, blogs, social network engagement, op-eds, presentations, working papers, and journal articles are produced to tell the stories of climate-vulnerable communities. This expansive toolbox allows ISET-International to produce straightforward and accessible media out of complex theories, practices, and frameworks surrounding climate change adaptation and implementation.

Core Program Activities

The program will have the following components:

  • Investigation, exploration, and documentation for narrative development (research).
  • Collaborative outreach (engaged networking within the community of practice).
  • Targeted dissemination (presentation, publication, etc.).
  • Development of communication materials (film, still, graphic, illustration, and written).
  • Presentation in key regional and global forums.
  • Targeted presentations to key actors.


Professional Staff Involved

Marcus Moench, Founder

Michelle Fox, Director of Art + Communications

Kanmani Venkateswaran, Research Associate

Rachel Norton, Graduate Research Intern


Collaboration Partners

Chris Moench, Axis of Hope

Andrea Caspari, Firefly Shadow Theater





The materials below are outputs from this project. All materials can also be viewed under our "RESOURCES" section or on our blog:


This project was funded by and in partnership with:


The Rockefeller Foundation


ISET-International and BoCo Strong would like to extend an open invitation to our Boulder community and neighbors! Come join the discussion on emerging global initiatives and how those relate to the Boulder area’s flood recovery and other ongoing resilience planning initiatives.

Boulder is not alone in the debates it faces over pathways to a vibrant, sustainable, and climate resilient future. Join the discussion about exciting initiatives that are addressing disasters around the world, such as the recent floods and fires that have affected Boulder and the surrounding areas. Whether the immediate issue is density and open space, municipal energy supply, local food, or recovery from disaster: the opportunities and challenges Boulder faces are shared by communities around the world. Globally, innovation in this area is growing rapidly.

The question that we ask you now is: What can we do to make our community and world more resilient?  

We’ll have lots of time to talk and debate. Come watch a brief presentation, an interesting panel of local and international experts on resilience, and enjoy amazing local, organic food and drinks! Shine offers local organic food, housemade intentional potions and make all their beer on site. 
Make sure to take part of their beautiful offerings! Eat.Drink.SHINE.

Please register at the event here.



Event starts and socializing: 5:00-5:30
Brief presentation: 5:30-5:45
Local panel: 5:45-6:15
Discussion: As long as we go
(The event ends at 8pm)