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How to Measure Resilience Results : Preparation of the Philippines Risk Resiliency and Sustainability Program (RRSP) Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E)

Program Locations: Philippines
Project Duration: Oct. 2016 – Jun. 2017
Project Lead: Ken MacClune

Project Overview

The Philippines has demonstrated leadership in climate change adaptation through its strong commitment to a comprehensive climate change policy, and financing reform agenda. Among these commitments is the development of the Risk Resiliency and Sustainability Program (RRSP). The RRSP, with support from the World Bank Pilot Program for Climate Resilience (PPCR), is being developed to serve as the framework program for national investment aimed at building climate resilience. This goal of this framework is to improve the response to climate risks through better adapted and more resilient ecosystems, infrastructure, and livelihoods in vulnerable areas across key Philippine landscapes.

ISET’s involvement in this project is to support the Government of the Philippines in the development of a monitoring and evaluation (M&E) framework to measure and report the results of the programs, activities and projects under the RRSP. ISET’s work aims to identify technical options for M&E at program and investment-level through a review of existing approaches at the local and national level, international experiences and best practices for the monitoring, evaluation and reporting of adaptation and resilience benefits.

Core Program Activities

The objective of this assignment is to inform policy-makers about technical options for:

  1. Development of a Program-level Results Framework and Scorecard (at national-level) to monitor, evaluate and report the results of the RRSP investments and their adaptation and resiliency benefits so as to enable effective oversight and management of the RRSP and results-orientated and evidence-based policy formulation, program direction and learning within and beyond the program and project cycles;
  2. Development of Investment-Specific M&E Guidelines and Work Plans (at sector-level) for monitoring and reporting of different programs, activities and projects under the RRSP and evaluation and learning of strategic elements of the first-phase implementation and subsequent roll-out of the program.

Professional Staff Involved

Ken MacClune, ISET Chief Executive Officer & Senior Staff Scientist

Colleen McGinn, M&E expert

Kanmani Venkateswaran, Research Associate

Furqan Asif, Research Associate

Maria Fernanda Enriquez, Grants Management

Mallika Jayaraman, Research Intern


This project was funded by The World Bank