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Mangrove Restoration in Quy Nhon City

Program Locations: Quy Nhon, Vietnam 
Project Duration: January 2012–December 2015
Project Lead: Ngo Thi Le Mai, Vietnam Country Coordinator

Project Overview

The mangrove restoration project is a collaborative project between the Binh Dinh Climate Change Coordination Office and the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development. Work is focused on restoring the ecosystem of a mangrove forest in the Thi Nai lagoon of Quy Nhon city, using co-management practices to enable positive community benefits and successful forest regeneration.

Core Program Activities

Ecosystem assessment, site selection, and ecosystem criteria:

  • Provide support in detailed survey and assessment of mangrove forest situation and ecological conditions to select suitable seedlings and locations for mangrove plantation; conduct study of current mangrove forest use by local community.
  • Consult with communities to set up co-management for newly planted forests.

Methodology and plan of implementation:

  • Apply ecosystem and human well-being framework for assessment on the use of resources and environment, mangrove forest economic analysis, livelihood improvement, and raising awareness about vulnerabilities, responsiveness, and climatic hazards.
  • Organize consultative meetings with local communities for indigenous knowledge.
  • Share results of ecosystem assessment.

Professional Staff Involved

Ngo Thi Le Mai, Vietnam Country Coordinator

Tran Van Giai Phong, Vietnam Technical Lead

Nghiem Phuong Tuyen, Staff Scientist

Nguyen Anh Tho, Project Assistant

Maria Fernanda Enriquez, Grants Manager

The materials below are outputs from this project. All materials can also be viewed under the main menu item "RESOURCES".

This project was funded by and in partnership with:


The Rockefeller Foundation


Professor Dr. Vo Si Tuan

Institute of Oceanography

Hue University College of Economics

Research Centre for Resources and Rural Development (RECERD)