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Nepal: Groundwater in the Indo-Gangetic Basin

Program Locations: Nepal                    
Project Duration: September 2012–May 2014
Project Lead: Marcus Moench, President


To build a scientific basis for policy.

Project Overview

The objective of this work is to provide an authoritative overview assessment of the occurrence and status of groundwater resources in the Indo-Gangetic Basin and to strengthen the evidence base linking groundwater, climate, population, and abstraction—collecting and systemizing existing data for policy and national planning and future research programs.

Core Program Activities

Support evaluation of groundwater resources:

  • Provision of concepts, methods, and framework: Help frame typologies and approaches to developing a scientific overview of the occurrence and status of groundwater resources in Nepal and their overall contribution to groundwater resources in the Indo-Gangetic Basin.
  • Collection and evaluation of groundwater data nationwide: Support in locating and accessing available groundwater data sets across Nepal.
  • Targeted technical assistance: Provide support in developing a literature review and conduct a case study examining groundwater use and storage in the Himalayan mountains.

Professional Staff Involved

Marcus Moench, President

Tyler McMahon, Research Associate

Lea Sabbag, Research Assistant

Maria Fernanda Enriquez, Grants Manager

The materials below are outputs from this project. All materials can also be viewed under the main menu item "RESOURCES".

Resources coming soon!


This project was funded by and in partnership with:


British Geological Survey


Project leadership from the British Geological Survey

Ajaya Dixit and the ISET-Nepal project team