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Training & Capacity Support

ISET-International believes that one of the greatest paths for transforming society involves the absorption of new concepts and approaches by day-to-day actors who are most directly involved in practical activities at the local level. As a result, the communication of ideas, research results, and practical planning techniques is a core element of our approach to building resilience and supporting adaptation. For this reason, ISET-International is involved in diverse forms of training, capacity building, and associated technical support. We are continuously developing resources and training materials to support the needs and approaches of different groups. Sample resources are available at and on our publications page. These resources are, however, only part of what we do. Training and capacity support for counterpart organizations are incorporated in all our programs. In addition, we prioritize the development of training activities and materials to support other organizations according to their needs. ISET-International's ability to deliver nuanced support draws heavily on the involvement of our partners as well as our own staff. This enables mobilization of a unique spectrum of capacity in response to training and capacity support needs.