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Vulnerability & Poverty

The Climate Resilience Framework developed by ISET-International through multiple projects. It provides a foundation for understanding vulnerability and poverty that goes beyond either the natural hazards based formulation or a purely social formulation. The framework brings together understanding of agent behavior (the social and political aspects) with institutional factors (informal and formal "rules in use") and systems (the built and natural environment). Use of this framework enables us to identify and diagnose patterns of vulnerability and the root causes of both current and future poverty risks. This allows us to identify points of entry for addressing poverty and vulnerability in dynamic and rapidly evolving contexts. Some of these points of entry emerge directly from the voice and socio-economic context of marginalized groups while others emerge from higher-level, systemic factors that influence patterns of poverty and vulnerability but do not involve direct engagement with those who are most affected.

The framework recognizes that vulnerability is not always the same as current poverty. Those whose livelihoods, health and well-being depend on fragile systems can be as vulnerable as the current poor. At the same time, the framework recognizes that adaptive capacity often depends on the ability of groups to access a wide spectrum of economic and social resources. We recognize that poverty, social marginality, and vulnerability are often highly correlated.


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