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Climate, water and energy issues are inextricably interlinked in ISET-International's work. Provision of potable water supply, groundwater pumping, treatment of sewage, household cooling, transport, and communication all require reliable sources of power supply. These systems are also of fundamental importance in adapting to climate change. ISET-International works to analyze thresholds in water and energy systems to build resilience to both the projected and difficult-to-anticipate effects of climate change. By focusing on temperature, precipitation and other thresholds in energy and water systems we are able to identify areas where changes in climate could have some of its most challenging impacts. The same approach also enables us to identify and prioritize where investments in building system resilience or ecological sustainability is most likely to contribute to addressing the challenges climate change will impose. We are working with local stakeholders and national and international scientific institutions to develop systematic methodologies for refining understanding of water and energy system thresholds and their fragility in relation to climate change. We have particular experience in issues related to water and sanitation in urban areas, regional groundwater and river basin management, and identification of meaningful temperature and precipitation levels for querying global climate model outputs.


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