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Elisabeth Caspari

Founding Associate, Strategic and Operational Advisor, USA

Staff Profile

Ms. Caspari was a partner in the formation of ISET-International in 1997 and has taken on many roles in the organization including Assistant Director from 2006 to 2008. Her professional focus within the organization has been on administration and the production of ISET-International’s publications. Ms. Caspari has substantial experience working throughout South Asia, is multilingual and has expertise in translating the results of scientific writing, particularly from South Asian countries, for the general public and policy audiences. Since 2008 she has been closely involved in the restructuring of the institute as it has gone through a period of rapid growth. Ms. Caspari plays a key role in maintaining continuity and cohesion while all members of the ISET Network navigate changes needed to keep the institute legally strong but also vital, fresh and in line with its mission.